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Operating system not found (XP)

By tasdisr ·
I have an IBM Intellistation M Pro model 6868sb3
that I wanted to replace the hard drive with one
that I have in an HP Pavillion XT993 since it is larger. When I install the drive from the HP into
the Intellistation, I get the message Operating system cannot be found. If I hook the HP drive up
as a slave I can read the information on it, but I cannot get it to work as the master drive in the Intellistation. I have tried resetting the jumpers on the HP drive which is a Samsung SpinPoint V60 Series SV0602H. Any help or ideas
are much appreciated.

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by Jessie In reply to Operating system not foun ...

Check the bios, make sure the hd is detecting with the correct number of heads and cylinders. You may have to set it manually, if possible. Also, you can try booting to an OS floppy, and sys the drive. "sys c:"

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by tasdisr In reply to Operating system not foun ...

Where would I get the information on heads and cylinders if I need it?

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by dmiles In reply to Operating system not foun ...

Check that your motherboard supports the large hard drive,the bios may need to be updated.

The problem may exist because the XP operating system may be setecting different hardware during the boot process,the system will not verify the system settings of the new board.

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by willcomp In reply to Operating system not foun ...

I'm not sure of everything that's in play here, but one thing is certain. You cannot swap XP drives from one PC to another unless they are identical or nearly so. As a minimum must be same chipset motherboard.

So it's almost certain that drive from an HP PC will not boot into XP on an IBM PC.

Is Samsung drive recognized by BIOS and correct model number returned? XP should try to start and then abort when it sees hardware changes.

BIOS setting should be Auto for primary master.

Some things to try:

Change IDE cables. Set jumper to CS and try that setting. Ensure boot sequence in BIOS is correct.


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by psjjl In reply to Operating system not foun ...

hmmm..go to the bios setting, set your hard drive manually, make sure it is not in 'Auto' mode, switch it to 'LBA' mode. This always happen in big drive.

Hope this will help.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Operating system not foun ...

The info on CHS Cylinders Heads Sectors is on the sticker on top of the drive. All you have to do is actually look at the drive and read the data.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Anyway you will still need to go into the BIOS and change the HDD around so it can be recognized but even then it is unlikely to actually load as all the required drivers will not be present. Just because the 2 systems may look the same doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that they are the same as even the little things like M'Board Drivers will most likely be different. The only cure is once the HDD can be recognized by BIOS is to wipe it and then reload the complete computer from scratch with the Recovery CD's that came with the computer that you are attempting to place the replacement HDD into.

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by edihardjono In reply to Operating system not foun ...

Check the boot.ini, then check if the operating system is on the correct partition recognized by the bios.

Once I installed a HDD from a dell computer to a no brand name computer. THe boot.ini shows the boot partition is on partition(1) instead of (0). I found out later that there is a tiny partition on the HD that is used by Dell exclusively and my other computer doesnot recognize it. SO it did not boot up. After I changed the boot.ini entry, it worked.

Hope it helps.

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by BorgInva In reply to Operating system not foun ...

Someone may have already said this above but I do not have my glasses on really.
My cousin once thought the same thing and I proved him wrong. That new drive, I will call it, was loaded with XP on a PC with certain hardware. Putting it into another PC with different motherboard, bios, video, etc, the OS was not loaded up to handle this new hardware. It was loaded with certain drivers and such for the hardware in the PC this hard drive was in.
I do not believe you will be able to get this drive working without reloading XP for the new hardware settings, especially for BIOS and the MB.
Good luck.

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by carlos0463 In reply to Operating system not foun ...

This is big NO since Win2k. Different HAL = no go on win2k/xp. Only way to do it would be to clone the old drive to the new one.

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