Operating System Not Found

By rprzybylow ·
Please help. I refuse to put this PC down. She's a Pc for a customer of mine. I will try to keep this short.

I put her drive on my usb to sata & IDE Adapter, Ran Avast, But in the Middle of scan Fricking, cute little Kitties Knoecked it off table. Don't know if that did anything.

Ram Malwarbytes, forund 7 Trojans removed them tried to boot up the Unit but I receive an error "operating system not found"

Bios Disabled Network boot (keeping it short) Boot order HDD first

Here is what I have done within the Recovery council.
C: CD ..
C: ATTRIB -H C:\\boot.ini
C:ATTRIB -S C:\\boot.ini
C:ATRIB -R C:\\boot.ini
C: del boot.ini
C: BOOTCFG /Rebuild

Still operating system not found

WTF? I know it would be easiest to just swap out drives and reinstall and after hours of reinstalling, she would have her pc back. I would be known as "the last tech that worked on it, but all he could do was put in a new drive and move the files.

Well I want to be better than that. What can I do to get this fricking windows xp to boot up.

Oh and I also tried a inplace upgrade


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Repair mode

by Nimmo In reply to Operating System Not Foun ...

What OS is this? I'm guessing XP since your trying to rebuild the boot.ini.

Something you can try is to put the OS disk in and select the recovery mode.

You don't want to select the first option because it'll just drop you into a command prompt, wait until you get to the part asking if you want to install or repair (select r).

This will re-install Windows operating system files without touching user data.

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improper discoonection of usb harddisk

by navi147 In reply to Operating System Not Foun ...


when you connect a ide or sata via usb you must stop the disk and then remove safely ( by clickicking on usb icon in taskbar active programs pane ... remove safely ).

My solution for your problem is recover files from the hdd using data recovery software, and install fresh Operating system.

Data recovery s/w like - Getdata back.

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Did you run chkdsk in Windows or...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to improper discoonection of ...

Recovery console? The reason I ask is this. It really sounds to me as though you likely ruined that drive. If it was knocked off the table during a write process, you can almost bet on it. Unfortunately, chkdsk when invoked from within Windows, will tell you nothing of the final disposition of the scan. (At least I don't know of a switch to enable a report). To know for sure, I always run the chkdsk /r from Recovery Console. The final disposition of the task is always left on the screen that way.

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The drive was dropped running

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to improper discoonection of ...

It's not telling the user that there is no HDD present just that there is no OS Found which tends to point to the fact that the HDD has suffered physical damage.

So it looks as if it is being seen by the system but the system can not find a OS to boot from. Not a good sign here as it implies that the drive itself may have gone to Silicon Heaven. And that it may not be possible to recover any data off it.

Here the Original Poster needs to test the HDD with it's makers Testing utility to make sure that it's actually working and to do that they need to download the DOS Version of the HDD's Makers Testing Utility available free here

Then if it is OK and passes the test they can perform a In Place/Upgrade Install of XP by following the directions from M$ Here

Though they will need to use Method 2 and have a M$ Branded Install Disc as apposed to a System Makers Recovery Disc which is not a full version of XP. Of course after Repairing XP they will need to apply any Updates and Service Packs that have been released since their Install Disc was made.

They should also backup all of the Clients Data just in case the Repair doesn't go well and causes the data to be lost.

Of course if the drive fails the test initially it will have to be fitted to another computer and retested. If it fails the Second Test a new drive will have to be supplied and fitted. However if it passes the Second Test the HDD is OK but either the Data Lead, HDD Controller on the M'Board or the Power Supply in the Original Computer is not working properly and the failed part needs replacing.


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I can see windows

by rprzybylow In reply to Operating System Not Foun ...

I see and can access all the files still?

Is there a way to command line fix the drive?

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See here for a full answer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I can see windows;leftCol

And no there is no Command Line way of repairing this you need to follow the M$ Knowledge Base Article on Repairing XP. Also if a Repair Install of XP has failed as you say it has then most likely the Drive is in a bad way and that is why the Repair failed. You will be better getting as much of the customers Data off the Drive as possible and working from there.


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Operating System Not Found

by rprzybylow In reply to Operating System Not Foun ...

I just can't or don't want to understand, why, I can look at all the files on the drive. %system% etc. How could the drive me bad? This doesn't make any sense. Reformat is the easiest thing to do. In theory See the drive and I can use the drive I should be able to boot the damn thing.

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Well have you tested the Drive with it's Makers Testing Utility?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Operating System Not Foun ...

If it passes that test you can do a repair install if you have a Full Version of Windows. And supposedly if everything goes as it should then you can use it again without the need to reload anything but the Hot Fixes and Service Packs that have been released since the Install Disc that you used was made.

Just a Note here though you really should use the same version of XP to do the Repair Install as what was on the HDD. Not doing this will most likely lead to the Repair not completing the Install if it starts at a ll.

Here I do not mean XP Pro on XP Home but VL, OEM on VL or OEM not Volume License on a Retail Pro Version or a M$ OEM Disc to attempt to rebuild a XP Pro VL Product.


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Not all essential areas of the drive...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Operating System Not Foun ...

Are visible within Windows or Dos. I.E. There are areas essential for a drives operation that can not be substituted. This brings me back to the chkdsk /r command. If when this task completes, you get the message that CHKDSK found and corrected errors on this drive, it should be bootable. If however it gives the message that CHCDSK found irrecoverable errors on this drive, then you better consider yourself fortunate that you can recover ANY of the data and proceed with that process. In summation: there are sectors that are essential to the drives operation and can not be relocated.

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by 1bn0 In reply to Operating System Not Foun ...

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