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    Operating systems aside from windows 10

    by jfrrll79 ·

    What are some good ones?

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      Following on from that and if you are a gamer, you can have the best of bot

      by yuanyasmine ·

      In reply to Operating systems aside from windows 10

      Following on from that and if you are a gamer, you can have the best of both worlds.

      Leave Windows where it is and use a Linux system on a thumb drive. Press F12 or whatever to choose which drive to boot from and you can use Linux most of the time and Windows only when you really need it.

      You can then cross backup from each system to the other to ensure your data are always safe.
      Rufus makes a good job of making a bootable USB drive.

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      That depends on what it is you want to do.

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Operating systems aside from windows 10

      Windows in any form is only the prefered OS because so much software is written for it and it runs all of that software.

      The next most popular one is IOS commonly known as Apple which is used on their notebooks and Mac’s and while based on BSD it to has quite a lot of software available thanks mainly to Apple.

      After that it’s a Toss Up between BSD without the Pretty Apple Interface on it and one of the many Linux’s that are available. They range from being a NAS controller to High End Server OS’s to a desktop but you’ll unlikely to be able to run any of your Windows Software as it was never written for this Platform.

      Finally there is Unix and while rock solid has very little software written for it because it is mainly used as a Business Base for specialist applications.

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      1But here’s where I’m at

      by vipblogweb ·

      In reply to Operating systems aside from windows 10

      1But here’s where I’m at. #1. Windows 8.1. #2. Windows 7. #3. Mac. #4. Chromebook. #5. Linux. Or, just keep calm and carry on with Windows 10. Advantages: Runs Windows desktop applications and modern UWP apps, modern look and feel, works well across form factors, modern hardware support, gets regular feature updates.

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        So your question is what exactly?

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to 1But here’s where I’m at

        If you go all the way back
        Windows 1
        Windows 3.0
        Windows 3.1
        Windows 95
        Windows 98
        Windows 98SE
        Windows NT
        and so on till we get to today where we have Windows 10.

        They are all just newer versions of what they replaced just as the New Ford on the floors today is a new version of last years model. or the year before model.

        Mac is the Apple version and called IOS which is just BSD with a Pretty Interface on top of it to make people think it is an Apple Product and has no connection with anything else.

        Chrome Book is just a stripped down Linux that Google uses that is basically a OS that connects to a Web Page and allows you to do what you want, without the Internet connection it doesn’t do much at all.

        And as far as Windows 10 goes it is just the latest development of Windows which in itself was a development of DOS and was just basically DOS with a Menu built in.

        When Microsoft started Windows 95 they also added in some functionality to do little used things like a Video Viewer, Media Player and so on and if you wanted to do more you had to buy the Plus Pack which gave you more functionality to play music, Videos and so on.

        Today they no longer have the Plus Pack as it is built into the current version of Windows as well as a very basic Writing App which can not be called a Word Processor as it doesn’t have any spell check ability and can not allow things like merges and so on which are very basic Word processing Features.

        As Microsoft no longer supports Windows Vista or XP and 7 there are not OS that you would install onto a new computer unless you have a need for the older OS that will run a program that does not run on newer versions of Windows.

        For instance I have a program that comes with Laser Sights and is bolted to earthmoving equipment that was written to run on Windows NT and has never been rewritten so if the companies who use it want to continue using it they have to have a NT Server in place. Of course the reason they use it is it saves them lots of money by telling the operators of the Earthmoving Equipment how much earth to scrape off the top of the land and they get the amount removed to within 2 cm of the design. No mention that scraping more away costs a lot of money in first wasted fuel and then they have to replace what was mistakenly removed by backfilling which is very time consuming and expensive.

        As for :Windows 10. It is just the new version which is supported so it gets fixed.

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