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Operating Systems to Power the Internet

By held_up ·
I'm trying to compile a list of operating systems used to provide service for the general ifrastructure of the Internet. Can anyone give some system names and an explanation of what part of the Internet it supports, ie. web host, etc.

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More specific

by JamesRL In reply to Operating Systems to Powe ...

General infrastructure is a broad term.

The internet includes clients of many kinds, servers of many kinds and functions and the networking equipment which allows them to communicate.

I'm sure if you want to know the bredth, almost every OS that can run a server, does so on the internet. Many flavours of unix, linux, Windows NT/2000 are all very common. But even AS400s can act as net servers - can't rule anything out.

As for the network devices, these all have OSs but the are propriatary in nature - a Cisco box has its own OS, as does a Nortel etc.

Do need something more specific?


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Don't forget

by andybru In reply to More specific

As for Web server OSes, don't forget Web
sharing is a freely available service on
Win 98/ME and Mac OS making anyone
with one of those machines accessing
the Internet a potential Web site.

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List: All

by md83713 In reply to Operating Systems to Powe ...

That's the beauty of TCP/IP: pretty much all OS's can or do have a part.

Believe it or not, my brother is running a Sega Dreamcast as a webserver right now as we speak. There are even sites run on atari's and amiga's right now. So....

|System Name: All
Part Supported: All

If I'm incorrect at present, I'm sure some hardcore nut will manage to get his Palm to act as a simple server soon, if not already....

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