Operatins system issue

By Jgates88 ·
I have a Dell dv6700 laptop that keeps bringing up the operating system not found error.Its running windows vista. While I was in Iraq our interpreters computer did it, he had a different machine but my buddy and i cant remember what we did to his so we can do it to mine. I think I have the recovery disk but it doesnt want to take any of my backups. This problem has been pissing me off for a while now any help will be aprreciated.

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Check this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Operatins system issue

"Operating System Not Found" or "Missing operating system" error message when you start your Windows XP-based computer

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Start with the simple things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Operatins system issue

Open the BIOS and make sure that the HDD in the system is correctly identified.

Also check that the Date & Time are correct int he BIOS with Dell's this requires you to press the F2 Key when the Dell Logo is on the screen.

If the HDD is OK you can run the Rebuild from the Recovery Partition of the HDD but you'll loose any stored Data on the HDD.


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Mmm - a DV6700 is not made by DELL ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Operatins system issue

It's an HP laptop.

It's also part of the general family of HP machines subject to warranty extensions due to poor design of the motherboard.

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