"Operation Could Not Be Completed" When Using Add Printer Wizard

By alanbradley ·
I have been using a printer and a fax program for some time until now, when they just disappeared from the Printers & faxes folder.
I cannot print or fax from any program now.

In the Add printer wizard I try to add a printer and I get the comment
"Operation Could Not Be Completed"

The printer and fax drivers are shown to be working. Print spooler is switched on and set to automatic.
Further to this problem, I have tried to restore the Op.system.
I have 3 dates over the last 5 weeks, but none of them will restore.
The restore calendar will not go back beyond June.
A further problem occurred, I think at the same time. AVG antivirus and Spycatcher do not start with windows, although Spycatcher is listed in Startup and the box is ticked. the AVG files are no longer listed. Fortunately, both will start manually.

I've been trying to use my printer and fax for days now. I've tried every method in the book".
Has anyone had this problem? If so, please tell me how to solve it. Apart from reinstalling the O.S.

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Uninstall completely.

by 1bn0 In reply to "Operation Could Not Be C ...

Uninstall the software and REMOVE the drivers.

Uninstalling and / or deleteing the printer will not always delete the drivers.

You need to ensure the realted drivers have been deleted as well. PArticularly as they may be corruptted.

See these articles:

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by ctrservices In reply to "Operation Could Not Be C ...

Corrupted printer drivers can often be a problem. Need to know the make and model to properly advise.

However, since AV and spyware aps are not starting properly, I suspect something has corrupted a lot more than printer drivers. You might spend hours trying unsucessfully to remedy this problem and then still have to reinstall the OS. Reinstall OS in my recommendation. In the long run, it might save you a lot of time.

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by alanbradley In reply to Drivers?

Yes you are correct. There are a lot more corrupt files than I thought.
I tried to install another printer, but did not have it connected. I shut down windows, but had a blue screen on closure. Nothing specific was mentioned, but after a restart and the usual scan, no problems were mentioned. However, Windows could not find my personal settings. All history, email folders and accounts are missing etc.etc.

With the printer swiched on, after 10min. windows found the hardware. I checked the folder and all printers plus the fax were installed. I used the printer to confirm all was OK.

I have just booted up. The printers are missing again and the same problem with Add printer wizard.
Printers still show in device manager, when they are switched on.

So, drivers may not be the problem, but something else?
I had hoped that there had been a major clean up, putting everything back to almost a new install of the OS.
Thanks again, looks like a reinstall, but I will try complete removal/install of one printer first.

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See this for help

by paul In reply to Printers

Read what I replied with here. It may be you are experiencing same problem.

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