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By Steve Battisti ·
I am currently a project manager in a large (>30 employee) HRIS group running PeopleSoft on Oracle/Unix, after being promoted from tech support to analyst to senior analyst. From a career perspective, I have been anxious to get direct management experience so I can eventually manage an entire HRIS operation. However, I'm not getting this experience as a PM. I'm limited within my company, because there are no development manager slots open.

I've been offered the possibility of taking over as operations manager for this group, giving me direct reports and changing my focus from systems development to maintaining good operations.

A few questions:

1. Is this a good career move? Although I prefer the development world to operations, this would get me the direct management skills I desire without having to wait for someone else to leave, as well as experience with other management skills like budgeting outside of projects, employee development, and so on. I'm 32, and I don't want to wait another 1-3 years before I get my first opportunity to have a direct report. Time is ticking.

2. Does anyone know of good online resources for this sort of position? A site or some documents that talk about how to excel as an operations manager?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Go for it or else!

by lance.gillis In reply to Operations Manager

Never turn down a promotion when offered. Mgmt usually views it as a slap in the face or you would at least be labeled "not a team player". Their primary concern is not your career path or what your goals are. They are concerned with the company's bottom line and how you can contribute to "their" strategy. If offered, take it or you risk never (that word was "risk") being offered another promotion. Developing mgmt skills and experience will always serve you well. Besides, operations could give you broader experience and shorten your journey to the corner office. Good Luck!

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