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OperaTor - Opera Tor. Surf anonymously

By Old Guy ·
Does anyone know of any issues/drawbacks to using the "OperaTor - Opera + Tor. Surf anonymously" on a network? We have Social sites, such as, Facebook, MySpace, etc blocked at the firewall but someone used or installed this to get to Facebook. Other than circumventing our firewall blocks are there any other issues I need to be concerned about?

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What are you asking here?

by Bizzo In reply to OperaTor - Opera Tor. S ...

Are you asking how to stop someone using OperaTor, i.e. how to block it? Or how to get around other securty blocks?

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Specific Question

by Old Guy In reply to What are you asking here?

What kind of security risk does it present if a user has used it? We will block it but one user has already used it and I was trying to find out the risk. It showed me that it is one way to get around security blocks and we need to look deeper into avoiding those. Thanks.

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it's actually

by Jaqui In reply to Specific Question

any browser with tor.

and tor is designed for non-traceable browsing.
user configured levels of un-traceability.

The risks, well they boil down to the user accessing illegal content, tor does not create any holes to endanger your network.

The real issue is that the non-traceable traffic can get the company, and employees, onto a watch list for terrorist activities. It is assumed you have to be up to no good, or you wouldn't be using tor.

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Jaqui, thanks

by Old Guy In reply to it's actually

That was what I was looking for. I couldn't find that much about it from issues standpoint. Actually, it showed me just how easy it is to circumvent some of our securities. One of our user's teenager used it and showed me what it did. Thanks again.

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It's not

by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui, thanks

a bad idea in and of itself.

it's that the only reason to use something like it is to avoid detection to access illegal content, like child porn, or to have no trace on your communication for illegal activities.
If you aren't out to circumvent laws or company policies, then there is no reason to even think about using it.

blocking traffic using it is very difficult, since it's only an encrypted datagram with no means to find out where the final destination is. [ outgoing ]

Incoming, your system would have to be set to block any packets with tor headers, a very difficult thing to implement.

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