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Opinions on Enterprise Backup Software

By elib ·

We have an 8-server Windows 2003/Windows 2000 domain with 100 or so Win2K workstations. We currently use Computer Associates' ARCServe Brightstor with Open File Agents and a tape library to backup all of our servers.

Brightstor seems to have some performance issues: incomplete or failed backups have become more common, requiring jobs to be re-run manually and taking up a great deal of extra time.

Computer Asssociates support has not been very helpful, and we are considering switching to another product. I have used Veritas in the past (Backup Exec 9), but have recently read some less-than-stellar reviews of Veritas products and support.

So here it is: What products do you recommend, what products do you dislike, and why? Here's your chance to rave about a great solution, or slag off that piece of junk that's been making your life miserable!


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by adembo In reply to Opinions on Enterprise Ba ...

I, as well, have been using BackupExec for years. I have not had any issues with it, except when we brought a NAS into play. It is not supported, since you cannot install the remote agent on the NAS.

I have looked at several, and found I liked HP's OpenView Data Protector from the trial I downloaded. I have not had any jobs fail since using it.

Sorry to hear about Network Associates, as that one I downloaded, but never tried.

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by gregross In reply to Opinions on Enterprise Ba ...

Filesx - ( This is a replication software thereby functioning as a much more effective backup solution than your typical bakcup software could ever be. Probably going to be more expensive and requires a descent amount of storage for replicating all the servers but it will cut your backup window down 100 fold because it just builds upon the first full backup so it never has to take another full again (incrementals forever).

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by ekul skeem In reply to Opinions on Enterprise Ba ...

I have tried ARCServe Brightstor as well and was very displeased with it. There is one that you really need to stay away from and that is SyncSort backup express. I bought this one and used it for two years trying to get my money's worth out of it. The worst backup system and support I have ever seen. At one point one of the tech support people actually hung up on me. I am now using Symantec (Veritas) netbackup. This by far is the best solution I have seen and used. I have a huge hybrid network consisting of 95 servers. 60% of them are windows 2k and 2003. 40% are Solaris 8 and 9 unix with a few HP-UX and RH Linux boxes. We are running a Sun L100 tape library that hold 100 tapes and 6 LTO 3 Tape drives. We are backing up over 10TB on our full backups and about 2TB dailey with incremental backups. I am very impressed with the way Netbackup handles this and the performance is excellent. The tech support is fast, smart and always there for us. Of course we have 24X7 support agreement with them. This solution with what we are using was a bit pricy but well worth the money that we dumped into it. Gartner research has put Symantec (Veritas) netbackup as THE best backup solution.

Good Luck

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