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By quaribc ·
hello. i'm a current undergrad in an uni and have for years been thinking about completing my BS degree in InfoSys. however, the job market within the industry has been hurting and have been thinking about switching to either of finance or economics. however, i just read this article, , and did not know what to think. If I were to major in InfoSys it would be development side of the process. I like networking, but I just like programming a little bit more. Any opinions or real world thoughts to help this hapless undergrad. I also realize that experience is everything and all that. I am only asking to see completing my degree in InfoSys would be a wise choice. thank you.

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Can't get to the article through the corporate filters but...

by DC Guy In reply to opinions on this article

If you really want to be able to work in IT, you'll need that degree. For the precise reason that jobs are scarce so employers have the luxury of being really picky. If you try to get an IT job without an IT degree your resume will not be near the top of anyone's pile.

As for network engineering vs. software development . . . You have to make your own decision about whether programming makes you happy enough to stake your career in a specialty that is so easily offshore outsourced. How happy will you be when you're working but not for a good salary? That's the reason people like me didn't become artists, musicians, or novelists. We want a house, a car, the occasional vacation abroad, and the other trappings of normal life a little too strongly.

A business degree will always be an asset. One of its advantages is that it doesn't limit you to one field. Even many of those IT jobs will be open to you if you have a degree in business rather than IT.

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