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Opinions on Windows XP

By dmiles ·
I would like the pros and cons of Windows XP Home Edition
I am currently running dual boot Win ME AND W2K Pro,but after experimenting with a beta copy of XP Professional,I am considering XP.
I would like to know the difference between the two and would it be worth the money spent to purchase the Home Edition.

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Opinions on Windows XP

by TheChas In reply to Opinions on Windows XP

So far, I am surprisingly pleased with XP Pro.
I can't say that I've really put it through it's paces though.

I purchased it the first week in part because of the bundled specials at Office Max.

I am running 3 machines, 2 with 98SE and 1 withXP.
XP machine is a Slot A 850 w 786MB, modem, NIC, 32MB G-force2 MX200, 60GB WD, DVD, CD-RW.

I installed it fresh on a new 60GB drive.

The install went smooth. The only device I have in the system that did not have a native XP driver was mymodem.

XP boots and shutdown faster then 98.
you can assign drive letters at will.
offers more control over user interface. MS may be starting to understand we want it our way.
system tools, once you get used to finding them in their new locations.

update downloads. best to log on at 5AM eastern.
Getting easy cd 5 to run.

Sorry I'm so short on specifics. But all-in-all, I think it was worth it from 98, not sure if it would be worth $100 from Me/W2K.

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Opinions on Windows XP

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Opinions on Windows XP

Thanks for the input,I have a problem with hardware compatibilty,
Canon Printe
so what is a person to do buy new hardware or wait till the manufacturer update the drivers

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Opinions on Windows XP

by TimTheToolMan In reply to Opinions on Windows XP

Hi soulrider,

I cant speak for XP Home but like TheChas, I run XP Pro. Actually, I'd recommend getting XP Pro over Home if you can afford it. Its got extra functionality... Microsoft's website explains all that.

From my point of view, though... I run it on a 1.4Ghz Athlon, K7T266 Raid mobo with Ricoh MP9060A DVD/CD-RW, two WD 40Gb drives in raid 1 configuration, another 4 Gb HD (for Win98 partition) GeForce2 MX400, soudblaster live! value, 512Mb DDR ram, Realtek nic and attached via USB to HP scanjet 5400c

It works flawlessly with that hardware and as luck would have it, I didn't have any trouble with finding drivers for any of it.
...or the Microsoft ones worked fine.

I've installed and used all the Microsoft OS's (and some unix's too) over the last twelve years and this one is the best so far.


Easy to install. There are very few questions and Microsoft is getting better at automation and has a huge database of built in drivers now.

Nicer interface. It took me about a day to get used to the new nicer feel interface. I wouldn't go back now.

Stable. Some people dont think so. I DO think so. Its marginally more stable than Win2K. And definitely more stable than win98! Also it seems to be a little smoother than Win2K.

Fewer reboots. Theoretically none with installation of software but in practice "fewer". I notice that a lot.


The biggest con I've seen, but fortunately not experienced, is lack of support for older hardware. If you got older hardware, chances are you wont be able to get specific drivers for it. Microsoft drivers will usually work but you may lose some functionality.

I would recommend it.


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Opinions on Windows XP

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Opinions on Windows XP

Thanks for the info I am really concerned with compatibility issues
Canon Printer

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Opinions on Windows XP

by dmiles In reply to Opinions on Windows XP

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love XP!!!

by eagl1 In reply to Opinions on Windows XP

It hasn't crashed once on me and for a beginner in computers I found it to be extremely user friendly. :)

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