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Opportunities after MS-Computer Science

By prakash_chougule ·
I am going to pursue my graduation (Master of Science) degree from US University. I am a bit curious about life after graduation in US for a software professional. Does the job opportunities depend upon the location and university of graduation?

What are the factors which decide the career opportunities in Software e.g. state of living, rank of university, field of study etc?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Opportunities after MS-Co ...

A large number of the software coding positions moved overseas. So, you've paid a lot for an education and now have learned that you will be headed home for a job at rates about 30% of what a US programmer would make.

Irony does indeed exist.

Or as my Hindi friend is wont to say, "Kharma is a mean muther man..."

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by j.lupo In reply to Opportunities after MS-Co ...

As stated by BFilmFan, many programming and help desk jobs are going overseas. However, if you want to find a position, you need to search all the job sites and company websites. Look at what positions they have hired in the past and are currently looking to fill.

These things can help. Also, get involved with organizations like ACM, IEEE Computer Society, etc. They can also advise you. Basically, A degree means nothing without the skills/experience to go with it.

The IT job market in the US is disappearing.

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by manmohan74 In reply to Opportunities after MS-Co ...

I find this question so often. Instead of worrying that you will get IT job or not. Think if you have the requisite skills.

If you want to be ahead in the game, your college acquired skills may not be sufficient. Try to learn/ acquire new skills, learn what is happening latest in the industry for which you are preparing.

Constantly evaluate yourself with market/technology and keep updated through journals/ job sites/ technical forums/ networking with professionals etc.

Stop worrying which school you are graduating from, start preparing how well you know your subject.

when you get an inteview call where you studied/ ranking of the school does not matter, what matters is what you are getting to the table and what skills you posses. certifications/ schooling are just one of the stepping stones.

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Masters degree...only you need it, market does not care.....

by salim In reply to Opportunities after MS-Co ...

Hello dear,
Welcome to U.S IT world. I came to US as a student in 1997 Fall.Take my word.If your university has a campus recruiting , then it is great. If not then In US no body even know the meaning of M.S.The worst thing is they do not want to know who take your interview. There is a big word in US market" Certification" If do not know, Make sure you are certified in MICROSOFT OR CISCO to survive, polple will ask for your certification then acedamic credentials. No body asked me my masters degree in 10 years of IT.Everybody asked me about certification..........
Start it my friend...... Caerification.....
Good luck

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MS in software engineering

by vaibhavkrishan In reply to Opportunities after MS-Co ...

I am currently working as a security engg. in network security firm. I have been admitted for ms in Software engineering in UDEL . But i am still in a dilemma weather to join the university or go for ms after 1-2 yrs of job ex.
Which one would be better in terms of post ms job prospects....

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