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    Ops Mgmt – Software to track activities?


    by brian.trotter@scottishre ·

    We are trying to figure out the best way to handle an issue we have, and I am seeking feedback to those who may have already crossed this bridge.
    Every day, week, month, quarter, etc etc, we have certain tasks or activities that we do, day in, day out. Primarily maintenance or reporting tasks.
    Most days the tasks get completed and everything is fine. However, some days things get busy, someone may be out sick, someone forgets, and next thing you know, the task will go a day or two and not get completed.
    These are things like, checking the status of backups, checking event logs for errors, running special scripts on servers, checking the status of certain accounts, sending reports on special activity, etc etc.
    For the most part, missing a day or two here or there is no huge deal. However, some of these tasks have audit implications to them where we are required to show they are checked daily.
    These tasks are handled on an adhoc basis by each team member responsible for it, and there is no efficient way to ensure they are done without going and specifically asking each person the status of the tasks.

    What I would like to have is a piece of software that would alloe us to install an agent on all the techs computer. Each day, week, month, quarter, etc, when a task needs to be completed, it pops a window up on their screen, and they have to confirm it has been done. Then that agent would report back to the server or master console that the task has been completed. Then the operations manager could simply pop open the console once a day and check the status of all the days regular activities, and if they see something that is not done, they could chase it up individually.

    I hope I am making sense. This is just a tool that would make some of our lives a lot simpler because it would take a lot of the guesswork out of our jobs, and require a lot less hassling on our part to ensure the everyday tasks are getting done.

    If anyone has any feedback, please pass it on.
    Many thanks,

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