Optiarc DVD RW ad-7561s will not read

By Rickg1981 ·
I'm running an HP Pavilion DV4 Windows Vista, with the above listed drive. It no longer reads any discs I put in. I can't think of anything I've done to change anything. The device is listed, all the drivers are up to date. I've tried unintalling/re-installing, cleaning the drive, the MATS stuff, and a few other options I found on the web. It does spin up, and very occasionally will read something. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

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RE: Any thoughts?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Optiarc DVD RW ad-7561s w ...

The drive needs replacing.

This commonly happens when disc's are left in the drive for long periods of time. The drive keeps running and burns out the LED that generates the Laser Beams that read/Burn the Disc's.

As this unit appears to have both a CD and DVD Drive you need to know that there are 2 different Color LED's involved in this unit. One reads/burns the CD and the other works with DVD's. So it's possible that one of the Disc types will work and the other will not. What happens is that the LED looses Intensity till it falls below the threshold to read different disc's. The few that it will read will be clean Manufactured Disc's not Recorded disc's most likely and if they are DVD's try a CD to see if they get read. If it's a CD that will not read try as DVD that may work.

If you need a Disc in the drive for a lot of the time load a Virtual Drive and load the contents of the required disc/s into that. It's not only faster to access but it also doesn't destroy the drives.

You can replace this drive with a Slimline unit and it doesn't need to be a Lightscribe type as Lightscribe Blanks are expensive and not commonly available. It's cheaper to use Ink Jet printable Disc's and get a printer capable of printing CD/DVD's. The label will also last longer this way.


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