optical drive closes too fast

By ckoh ·
I've searched so many resources but can't resolve this problem with an optical drive in a desktop computer with Windows XP installed on it that developed.
When there is no disk-either CD or DVD in this drive, it opens and closes normally-but put a disk in-then it will close but when you push the button to eject, it starts to open partially then closes quickly. The result is that the cd or dvd disk cannot be removed and I have to mechanically remove the disk through use of a straightened paper clip-which is sure not the ideal way to have to get the disk out!
Desperate for any input. Thanks! -CK

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If you go into your...

"My computer", you can select your dvd drive from there, right click on it and select "eject", with this you will see if it is the drive or if it is the button on the drive that is misbehaving. Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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And the next

by Jacky Howe In reply to optical drive closes too ...

thing that it will start doing is opening by itself. I would bet that the controller card on the CD/DVD drive is going. If it is under warranty get it replaced, if not just replace it.

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Replace The Drive

by TheChas In reply to optical drive closes too ...

I recommend that you replace the drive.

I believe that either the optical head assembly or the upper clamp are not retracting properly creating a drag on the tray drive system. Most likely, the tray mechanism is 1 or 2 teeth out of alignment.

Just like a garage door opener, the tray drive senses a problem and reverses direction.

You can check this by placing your hand in front of the tray with no disk and opening the drive. After the tray hits your hand, it will reverse and retract.

At the low cost of optical drives it is easier to replace the drive than to attempt a repair.


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