Optical Drive Problems

By dymgarcia ·
I don't know if this is the right place to place this question, but I couldn't find where else to present the problem
I have a problem. Both optical drives on My machine have dissappeared.
They are not seen by my Bios either
I've read every forum I can find and they all say the same thing " delete the upper and lower filters" which I have done to no avail.The problem started will using Nero, and every time I've had this problem Nero has been involved in one way or another, yet I can't seem to find any articles that address the problem of how to really tackle this problem.
Computer magazines write all sorts of articles from how to format a hard-drive to just about anything you can think of EXCEPT how to rid Yourself of this most annoying problem which I think, everybody runs into at one time or another.
Nero is going to deny that they are at fault, but hey, the chance of both Your optical drives failing at the same time while using Nero is like getting hit by two separte bolts of lightning at the same time also.
If the optical drive has been made to fail by the software, then just what did it do to it to make it fail and how can it be fixed and prevented?.If the problem is driver related, then what do you really have to do to fix the problem without having to be a programmer?
Does anybody know?
David---- dymgarcia@yahoo.com

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Ok, less of the history. Now to the problem in hand. :)

You said that your cd/dvd drive is not showing in the bios. This is where i would start looking because if it is not been shown in the bios then it would not show on your computer either. So (if possible) i would update your bios. Go to your computer makers website and download the bios update driver.
You might need an external dvd drive for adding on software just in case. Have a look inside your computer to make sure all of the cables are connected properly to the Drives in question. Where the drive (in the bios) should be click on it to populate it or set it to auto. Or set your bios to "load default settings" or something similar. Re-start your computer and see if the drive in question is loaded.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Well first off Nero can not affect what appears in BIOS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Optical Drive Problems

if the Optical Drives are not present in BIOS now and they where previously then you have a Direct Hardware Problem. OF course if you have SATA Optical Drives which never appeared in BIOS Previously then there is nothing wrong there but the same should also apply to any SATA HDD's that may be fitted to the computer.

Open the case and make sure that both the Data and Power Leads for the Optical Drives are correctly plugged in and if these are IDE Drives make sure that the Master Drive is set tot he end of the IDE Data Lead and the Slave plugged into the middle IDA Connector. If both IDE Drives are set to CS or Cable Select reset the jumpers to Master on the one furriest from the M'Board and Slave for the other one. While both Drives failing at once is not common if the DATA lead was to fail it would take out both drives connected to it at once. Different problem same effect though.

If they still fail to work remove them from this computer and test in another computer for function. While it isn't overly likely to have 2 drives fail at once I have seen cases where low quality PS's do some very strange things so loosing 2 drives at once isn't unheard of.


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