Optical drives disappeared from BIOS and Windows

By mc-slobo ·
Hi, I have a really weird problem and don't know how to solve it, so I hope you can help me. I have two optical drives in my computer, a DVD-Drive and a DVD-Burner. Both were jumpered as master for a while, but only one was connected to the mainboard, therefore this was not a problem. Recently, I jumpered my DVD-Drive as slave, so that I could use both drives at the same time. I am pretty sure that I did this correctly. When I booted for the first time after this, both drives where recognized correctly by the BIOS, the burner as IDE Primary Master and the DVD-Drive as IDE Primary Slave. They were also listed in the Device Manager in Windows, could be accessed and worked properly. Only my burning software did not recognize the burner. For some reason, please don't ask my why ;-), I turned off the computer again and exchanged the plugs of the IDE cable at the drives because I was unsure whether I connected them correctly to master and slave. Later I found out that I did at the first time. But now the cables where connected in the wrong order, and when I switched on the computer, the drives where gone from BIOS and Windows. Ok, I thought, so it was correct at the first time, so I switched it off again, changed them back to their original positions and rebooted. But they are still gone, no matter what I tried. Both are still connected to the power supply and can be opened and closed. I also exchanged the IDE cable because I supposed that it might be broken, and the IDE port at the mainboard (from 3 to 2), and connected the drives separately (only one at a time), but even then they where not recognized. I cannot imagine what might be the reason for this, because it seems unlikely to me that I destroyed the electronics of both at the same time.

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Possible solution

by randy_koch In reply to Optical drives disappeare ...

Incase you haven't found a solution yet, try this-set both drives to "cable select" and connect them to the second IDE channel. And be sure to do a cold boot by removing power to the PC for 10 seconds.

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