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    Optically Archived AS400 Spool Files


    by techman ·

    We have an old Recall 2000 Optical Archive System that I’m trying to get some information out of. The system is usable, but I’m wanting to convert all of the data off of the Optical Disks into .PDF Files for multi-platform use. I can use Distiller and just print the Smaller files into PDR format fine, However the Recall System Software will not properly print our BIG Purge Files, It will display them File. Looking at the Data it looks like they are just Spool Files Converted to Database format and then pulled down onto the Optical Discs. I’ve been playing with trying to re-upload the data on the discs on to the AS/400 and re-creating the spool files but there is some data loss / corruption in the process. The Application displays the Data correctly and without any hitches except the lack of being able to print the LARGE reports (120,000 + Pages) to PDF files. Does anyone have a good way to read what Appears to be SCS formatted text files in Windows.. maybe a DLL or something I can use with Visual Basic.. Thanks

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