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    Options settings in Word 2000 template


    by lauraa ·

    I have been charged with making all of our company forms true “forms” using Word templates. The basic ones have been completed easily. I am having some issues with ones that need to calculate formulas. The one I will use here as an example is a purchase order request that will calculate quantity * cost to give total cost per item and then total all of the items for the entire request. The calcs work, but in order to get the fields to update, I want the Tools, Options, Print, update fields under printing options to be enabled for all users. This option is shown to be ‘on’ in the document template but when any user other than myself opens the template to create a new Doc1 the update fields is ‘off’.

    Is there any way to keep this on for anyone who uses the template or does each user need to change that setting each time they use the template?

    We are using Word 2000 and the template resides on a network folder on the server, not on the users C: drive. It is password protected so that no changes can be made to the design.

    Any help automating this would be much appreciated!

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      by lauraa ·

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      Enable field shading in the template

      by nepenthe0 ·

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      Locate the Word template. It will probably be named [i]Normal[/i] and be ~26kB in size. Finding it is anything but straightforward. If you check [i]File Locations[/i] in the Word Options menu, you will see a truncated Directory address, which doesn’t help you much, nor is it intuitively obvious where to find it.

      Assuming Word is installed in your Program Files directory, you should be able to find the Template:

      Program Files > Word > Templates > Normal

      Open the [i]Normal[/i] file. Then open the Word Options menu (Tools > Options). Click the [i]View[/i] tab. Look for the drop-down box called [i]Field Shading[/i]. The choices are:

      [b]>[/b] Never
      [b]>[/b] Always
      [b]>[/b] When Selected

      If you always want to see the fields shaded, click the 2nd option (Always). That should do it.

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        by boxfiddler ·

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        the OP did not ask about field shading, s/he asked about automatically updating calculations. Furthermore, the OP stated that s/he knew exactly where the document/template resides, yet you insulted him/her by telling him/her how to find it.

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