options to sync contacts from godaddy's basic service to portable devices

By NyskyHI ·
I am working in a newly established office that has godaddy's basic email service utilizing our URL(s). It's a very limited service that we subscribe to and we looked into their hosted exchange service that syncs with Microsoft Outlook. It's an expensive service and it's even more pricey since our offices utilizes 2 different URLs. (one for management and one for real estate) . My biggest issue is that their service does not provide for any type of syncing to mobile devices (android, iphone) specifically for contacts. Is there an easy solution for having newly added contacts added to the godaddy service synced or 'pushed' to our mobile devices without having to subscribe to the hosted exchange service?

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Thinking out loud

by robo_dev In reply to options to sync contacts ...

Of course Gmail does this well and there are tons of apps for that.

Perhaps you could sync contacts through gmail or Outlook dot com? (e.g. a Windows app called contacts-sync does sync gmail).

Don't forget that the iphone, for example, can run most webmail apps through it's native email app...although contact sync is not automatic, the contacts are all there in the email for the user to grab.

Also, Apple iCloud does contact sync to IOS devices natively, but not so much for Android.

Of course then the obvious question would be why not use gmail instead of godaddy mail since syncing outlook to gmail can be done.

Of course if I were a 'rogue user' of the godaddy solution I would setup a forwarding rule and just push all my mail into gmail....since you can then use google calendar which syncs very well using apps like Calengoo (which works for iphone or android)....but I digress.

www dot zdnet dot com/outlook-com-a-boon-to-iphone-ipad-users-7000002090/

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Reponse To Answer

by NyskyHI In reply to Thinking out loud

Thanks for your helpful comments. Can you go more into detail with "the contacts are all there in the email for the user to grab." I have my email and calendar from godaddy being sent to gmail already. It's the contacts not having anyway to be synced over that is frustrating me.

I like the 'rogue' idea because I love gmail. However My email address which is a URL through godaddy is necessary for my business. Although the emails can be forwarded to my gmail, I am not able to reply to an email from google using the go daddy email address. The gmail address is not a good look in my practice. Is there a solution to my concerns?

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Thinking out loud

In terms of contacts 'to grab', I meant that in the iPhone, for example, in a gmail message, I just select the email sender and it goes to a 'create new contact, add to existing contact, add to VIP' screen.

Not automatic, but better than typing them in. Also in the iPhone there is a 'VIP' contact list where you can get to email faster for those on that list.

It's tricky to setup, but you could send e-mail using a Godaddy SMTP account, via Gmail. I believe this would allow incoming via gmail (or forwarded godaddy) and outgoing/replies to use godaddy.

ntt dot cc/2010/04/03/how-to-send-mail-through-godaddy-smtp-servers-via-gmail-account.html

www DOT shoestringbranding DOT com/2008/02/15/branded-gmail-address/

(Replace dot with . above)

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You can setup Gmail to send from GoDaddy SMTP server

by robo_dev In reply to options to sync contacts ...

This way you can use Gmail and the emails come from your branded domain account

How to Use Gmail With Your Own Branded Domain
www DOT shoestringbranding DOT com/2008/02/15/branded-gmail-address/

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