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Optiplex GX260 Failure to Boot

By Jeffrey.Ryan ·
Hi, I recently powered on a Dell Optiplex GX260 that was in storage for about a year. When it was put away it operated fine.

On power up the boot screen does not appear. The power button on the monitor is orange. After about a minute the monitor light goes green and a light blue screen (Same as the windows colour) appears. The mouse cursor also appears and can be controlled by the mouse. However the PC remains in this blue screen.

I have tried to reboot and enter the BIOS setup but I cannot get into this screen.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

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I would be willing to bet

by Dumphrey In reply to Optiplex GX260 Failure to ...

its one of the moving parts like the hard drive. Sitting idle for a year gives it all sorts of chances to start corrupting=\ But, it really could also be the capacitors on the motherboard, the cpu... really its hard to say. But, my money is on the hard drive or the capacitors having leaked.

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I think there was a recall on those mbds

by Jessie In reply to I would be willing to bet

for expanding capacitors, which ended on January 31st of this year. I've also had some weird problems with keyboards and mice on the Gx2## series lately, so you might just try unplugging keyboards and mice and see if that helps at all.

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What do the diagnostic LED's on the back tell you?

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Optiplex GX260 Failure to ...

Check the diagnostic LED's on the back of the case and see what the pattern is. You can look it up on the Dell support site.
Personally, I agree with the others. It's probably a bad motherboard. The LED's should allow you to confirm that.

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