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Optus Australia Security Hole!

By takuya_101 ·
I have had some fun and I am jumpy.
Now this is a huge security hole and complete fail by Optus Australia, I'll Start with what I got today.

This morning I picked up a new Nokia E71 from my local Optus shop, I had been dropping in a few times within the last few weeks, checking them out.
I found that Optus has two prepaid services up and running, one is Data and Text and the second is Phone, Data, Text.
It works like this, the Data and text is $3 a day; while Phone, Data and Text is $2 a day unlimited, o and trust me I have tested as best as I could. Please note that if you don't use the service on a given day you don't pay the $2/$3 for that given day. And checked how much I credit I had left, it never changed. Also only landline and mobile phones so no 13, 1300, 1800 numbers or and so on with texts.

Its useful to me, for now I don't have ADSL and on a given day I might not need to send a text or make a phone call; some days I can't put the phone down.

So here is what I did, first I tried accessing the web and downloading stuff with my phone, apps and such; getting the thing up and working/ learning how it works.
Towards now I started getting things in a little deeper, Optus has a free/paid TV streams service on there phones, opting for the free channels I started watching TV. Then I got to wondering 'What if I can run this on my iPod?' Now before I had proven that I can access the internet using my Nokia as a 3G router, so I hock it up again.

Please note that JoikuSpot did crash a few times, two reboots later and it works OK. I think the phone had a hussy fit, nothing really worked.

Now I have an old iPod Touch 2Gen; this I use a lot. So I hock it up via WiFi and I am off, Yahoo! I go in search of the 'My Zoo' URL I locate that URL on my mobile and enter that; that got me to the 'My Zoo' page, which like on my phone shows, news, videos and other stuff. The other stuff being call credit, call history... hold on a sec. No really by accessing the 'My Zoo' page I had access to my mobile account information, including calls. Most of which was data. All from my iPod Touch!

But I must be fare, this isn't something everyone will be doing everyday and I am using the free version of JoikuSpot; no security and can't edit any of the network settings.
But still, I mean wow. If you knew what you where looking for anybody could see my call history, by as easy as getting into my portable WiFi modem; well when I have it on and unsecured.

I really did **** a lot of money today, so not until next week when I get paid I will be buying JoikuSpot and get the security I know every well is going to help protect me.

My final words, while I can keep my mobile for calls and text; linked with my iPod Touch it gives me everything I could want. I have Team-viewer and Quick office.
Now I just need a extra battery power of my mobile and I'm set. More money, great. And my credit didn't drop.

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