oracle 10g over satellite

By xavi792002 ·
hi all
i have a new project to connect different sits to HQ through satellite links i am afraid it will not work because of the big delay (600 ms), i am thinking to use TCP Accelerator may be it can help, maybe someone can help and tell me about the type of connection between client and server in 10g ?


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TCP acceleration will not help

by robo_dev In reply to oracle 10g over satellite

While Oracle sessions will not timeout for as long as 30 seconds, a database session over a sat link would not be acceptable to any users.

10G client is very similar to most DB client-server connections...a dedicated port (1521) and a 'listener' process that runs on the server.

Your better architecture would be to do some sort of terminal-server style remote access, or do offline database replication.

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oracle 10g over satellite

by xavi792002 In reply to TCP acceleration will not ...

thanks ROBO_dev

if the port is TCP 1521 maybe i can use TCP accelerator, i think may be it help in this situation better than using f terminal-server style remote access or database replication

what do u think ?

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Well you could certainly try it....

by robo_dev In reply to oracle 10g over satellite

but the whole concept of TCP acceleration involves techniques like local acknowlegement, and lots of buffering to make up for packet loss.

My gut feeling is that all this TCP tuning might make database reads work, but would be very likely to result in data corruption for database writes.

I've worked with Oracle databases over slow (150ms) cross-ocean links, with mixed results.

You should invest in a network latency simulator to test with.

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behaver of data

by xavi792002 In reply to Well you could certainly ...

i am asking too much robo_dev i wish i am not annoying u with my Qs
how database acts with this delay.
b4 i tried TCP accelerator with FTP it works perfect , in this project i have active directory servers in each site connect to HQ plus mail server in HQ and the users in remote sites all via satellite link

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FTP is very forgiving of slow links

by robo_dev In reply to behaver of data

Oracle is not.

the main issue I would see would be that real-time access by multiple users would result in dead-lock after dead-lock,and the database crawls to a halt.

If your application can make use of database replication or synchronization, that would be the best approach.

Note that even doing SQL database replication over satellite is a big deal:

"Noteworthy is that Gencentric was one of the first companies in the world to succeed in doing SQL replication over satellite."

Here is a link to some test tools to simulate latency:

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by xavi792002 In reply to FTP is very forgiving of ...

many thanks robo_dev
really your are awesome
you look u are interested with satellite communication

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