oracle and itanium?

By peter.berger@genexsrvcs ·
I have a general question about Oracle database & Application Server 10g on HP-UX Itanium vs. RedHat Linux on x86.

I "hear" that Oracle and Oracle Support is currently trying to push away from the HP-UX Itanium area and focus on x86 RedHat development. I "hear" that Oracle now codes from scratch in the Linux and not SUN OS.

I am not an Oracle person, just a Systems Admin. (more Windows and HP-UX). Our company is trying to get a futuristic view/road map about Oracle to see if its worthwhile to stay on HP-UX Itanium, or jump to x86 RedHat. Is Oracle phasing out PA-RISC? I know HP-UX and Itanium servers are expensive. Is it stable and worth it on x86 boxes?

We're not a mom & pop shop, but we're not huge either. (Around 150 servers; 10-15TB data)

Any assistance/recommendations from the DBA folks would be great.

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by gsquared In reply to oracle and itanium?

From what I've read, HP and Intel are pretty much the only ones still dedicated to the Itanium concept.

From what I've seen, the sales figures on Itanium servers are small.

It's possible the Itanium line won't last. I'm really not sure. It does, however, seem to me that Intel is competing with itself by issuing Core 2 server chips. If that line produces more revenue more reliably, I would expect them to drop Itanium in favor of Core 2.

But this is speculation based on a few press releases and a few news articles. I do NOT have any sort of inside track on this.

I haven't used Itanium servers. Don't plan to look into them much. My basic impression is that Intel would really, really like them to be the next big deal, but that nobody really expects that to happen.

Again, I don't know a lot about this, but that's my impression from what little I do know.

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Firstly I would have to say that the Itanium CPU's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to oracle and itanium?

From Intel will soon be a thing of the past. They where a Dedicated 64 Bit Intel CPU that really has been replaced by the EMT technology now used on the P4 Intel,s.

The Itanium's where Intel's first 64 Bit CPU and couldn't run anything but 64 Bit OS and software since the release of the P4 with EMT they have a far more flexible CPU that can work with either 32 or 64 Bit Software seamlessly. Personally I would imagine that HP brought up big on the Itanium's and have got caught holding a bunch of them when they are now not really the best option for users.

Personally I would be looking at some decent Medium to High End Servers running the Intel Dual Core Technology with EMT so you can use your 32 or 64 Bit Software on and forget about the more expensive and less well supported Itanium's that are still floating around as New Old Stock.

The money that you save on using the more common CPU type will allow you to buy much better hardware that has a better life expediency and is far more flexible. Just remember that you'll be sticking with the Dual Core Xeon's and not moving to a Dual Core P4 unless you want a really Low End Server.


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Same case

by juma.alshehi In reply to oracle and itanium?

Any update on this post

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