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    Oracle App Developer Cert


    by m12152 ·

    When I see articles and discussions about certification I see comments about Oracle DBA certification, but not about Oracle Application Developer Certification. I’m in a classroom full of people considering the Application Developer Cert route who would welcome opinions and suggestions about the value of the Developer cert and suggestions for preparing for the five tests.

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      RE Oracle App Developer Cert

      by anilbhatia ·

      In reply to Oracle App Developer Cert

      In reality as far as i ve met ppl the Developer Cert carries not much weight
      especially in case of seasoned profesionals ie with > 3 to 5 years of experience.
      But with freshers it may show a minimum level of competence and need NOT gaurantee
      performance from the cert HOlder.( whic in reality should not be the case)
      any one who is good a t remembering things and gets hold of a sort of gues ppaper + the oracle course material will be able to crack thru the exams .

      But mind well the examquestions are very tricKily worded and hence an ppl fall prey easily 🙂
      I my selfwrote the first apaper last week and due to wording missed three questions else i would have scored cent percent on the first exam .
      The only thing i can say is REad practise
      read practise and THEN go thru mock test’s
      very important just to show u wher u stand

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