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    Oracle c/s application via slow WAN


    by douglas168 ·

    Got the network problem at work:

    Two offices are connect via 56K FR. One office is the branch office where there is a NT server serving as the application server. The other office is the Corporate office where there is also another NT appiication server and a SUN serving as Oracle database server.

    Users at both locations use Win9x and TCP/IP.

    All users at the corporate office runs the Oracle application under acceptable time.

    The users at the branch office runs the same thing but in must slower rate.

    When I use Sniffer at the branch office, I see packets from server to client getting ‘ACK too long’ and ‘TNS slow server response’.

    All other programs(ie. Outlook, Web…etc) are running fine at both locations.

    Where is the most likely place of bottleneck?
    Besides getting bigger bandwidth, is there any way to improve the speed?

    Appreciate any help or recommendations!

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      Oracle c/s application via slow WAN

      by budnelson ·

      In reply to Oracle c/s application via slow WAN

      Have seen the same problem with Oracle apps running over a WAN. You don’t state what type of app is running, but Bandwidth probably won’t help. The back-end negotiation occuring between the Oracle database and the client consists of many, many tiny packets. Not too noticeable on the local server , but over a Frame Relay network , factoring in Latency, the response time degrades quickly. Fatter clients probably won’t help much. Other than re-writing the app , about all you can do is
      eeucate the remote users to not perform mass changes over the WAN , but to select smaller subsets of the data. Or deploy Citrix.

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      Oracle c/s application via slow WAN

      by ke4vtw ·

      In reply to Oracle c/s application via slow WAN

      We just deployed a similar application, and what we found during performance testing was that you DON’T want to have an application server at your remote site. In our case, this was a much faster solution. As the previous answer stated, app/db communications is expensive. Moving the app server back home keeps the app/db connection path very short.

      You also want to make sure that your stored procedures, views, indexes and application components are as optimized for speed as they can be.
      Good luck!

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