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    Oracle Connection Manager usage


    by sure_subha ·


    We are exploring the use of Oracle Connection Manager (OCM) and would like to gain some real world insight from members of this forum.

    Specifically –
    1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of OCM ?
    2. What scenarios would best describe the usage of OCM ?
    3. Does OCM guarantee a higher level of database security ?

    Any insight will be highly appreciated.


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      OCM preferred solution in DMZ environments

      by sybrandb ·

      In reply to Oracle Connection Manager usage

      We have one situation where the database server for security reasons is located within a DMZ. Consequently there are three mechanisms to connect from outside the firewall
      – enabling shared sockets
      – Setting up shared server using a fixed port
      – Using Connection Manager

      Option 1 is to be avoided, as you can’t shut down the listener anymore. This will disconnect everyone.
      Option 2 is to be avoided as you can’t make sure only users outside the DMZ are using the server
      Option 3 works without problem.

      The disadvantage though is that OCM doesn’t communicate with an OMS outside the DMZ. We were forced to set up another OMS.


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