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Oracle Connectivity from Active Directory in WIN 2000

By shaji.joseph ·
Hi Friends
I'm working on the following requirement.Can any of you help me to solve the issues I'm facing.

I'm using Active Directory in WIN-2000 to store a set of User Ids and Passwords.When a user logs into our website his login details are compared with his login details stored in the Active Directory and if it matches he'll be allowed to login else an error message is thrown to him.

Now the problem is that I need to compare the user info kept in Active Directory to a set of another user info kept in an Oracle DB.If the user who logging into the website has his user info kept in active directory then he can successfully log in.If his login details are not in Active Directory I need to check in the Oracle DB for his login Details.If his log in details are there in Oracle DB then also he should be allowed to login to the Web site.

In short if a user's login details are there eiither in Active Directory or in Oracle DB he should be allowed to login to our Website!

How can I acheive this?If a user Detail is not found in active Directory can I use Active Directory Scripts to establish a connection from Active Directory to Oracle DB and find whether the user login details are there or not?If yes then can I allow him to log in to our website using Active Directory Scripts?

If so how can I do this?
Lookinmg forward for your inputs.
Shaji Joseph

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