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Oracle drivers

By sbelow ·
I am creating this discussion in hopes to find direction when working with the Oracle database. I am not sure if this is were to post the question so if there is somewhere else I should be please let me know.
Currently I have softwarethat has been developed, which uses SQL to store information. I am now required to modify the software so that it would be able to use Oracle also. My question is this; where can I download, and how do I set up the necessary drivers so that I can transfer my information to Oracle also? I am looking for a solution that uses ODBC, I am used to setting up everything through Data Source in the windows environment. Any information that can be provided would be very helpful.

Regards Steve?

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Re: Oracle drivers

by swstephe In reply to Oracle drivers

There is an Oracle discussion form at

There are ODBC drivers for Oracle from Microsoft or ... there is also a product known as "Oracle Objects forOLE", (ActiveX), but that tends to tie you down to the database.

One book I highly recommend, (although it might be a bit outdated already), is "Windows Multi-DBMS Programming: Using C++, Visual Basic(r), ODBC, OLE2, and Tools for DBMS Projects
". It shows how you can write against several major databases at once and the differences between their implementations.

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Oracle Drivers

by raghavendrar In reply to Re: Oracle drivers

I had the same problem. I downloaded the ODBC drivers and isntalled them. I now get prompted for the SQL*NET.
Cant I connect to Oracle from Win - VB with just the TNSNAMES.ORA file ?

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Oracle Drivers

by sharon.lowe In reply to Oracle drivers

Hello SBELOW!!!

You didn't mention what product you are using to access the Oracle database. If it is a Windows product such as Access, Excel, SQL Server, they come with ODBC drivers that can access an Oracle database. Hope this helps.

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