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Oracle HRMS Payroll Adventures

By bert.vandenbussche ·
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Tired of producing useless setup documentation?

by bert.vandenbussche In reply to Oracle HRMS Payroll Adven ...

<h1>eBusiness Suite setup documentation</h1>
<p>As part of every a good Implementation project, the setup has to be documented. If you stick to Oracle's AIM methodology, you have a BR100 template Word document, to document your setup. Or on quite some Oracle Consulting projects an Excell workbook template is used to document the setup in a more strucured way.</p>
<p>The problem with both methods is, that on the majority of the projects,if de setup document is created at all, than it tends to be outdated even before the go live of the project. By consequence, worthless for use of future maintenance. </p>
<p>Problem : it is a static docement, with the information in captured in an unstructured way.</p>
<p>If you have experienced the same issue, please have a look at the <a href="">documentool</a>. This tool excell in its simplicity, and allows you to generate "usefull" setup documention. This is where the setup documentation becomes a powerfull source for troubleshouting the application setup issues, migration issues, and more.</p>
<p>You can <a href="">download</a> for the Oracle eBusiness Suite Flexfield documentool for free. Have a go with it, any feedback is welcome.</p>
<p> </p>

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Tired of producing useless setup documentation?

by kim.piper In reply to Tired of producing useles ...

<p>I tried this on one of our development databases this morning.  Initially I couldn't get the concurrent program to run, it completed with the followng error:</p>
<p>ORACLE error 6550 in FDPSTP<br /><br />Cause:  FDPSTP failed due to ORA-06550: line 1, column 36:<br />PLS-00302: component 'CP_GENERATE_FLEX_DOCUMENT' must be declared<br />ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:<br />PL/SQL: Statement ignored<br /><br />The problem was that the procedure name is actually CP_GENERATE_FLEX_DOCUMENTATION not CP_GENERATE_FLEX_DOCUMENT.  To use simply change the Executable setup Execution File Name accordingly.</p>
<p>I also ran from TOAD with out any problems.</p>
<p>Overall I think that POPAY did a great job and I wish to thank them for contributing such a useful utility to the Oracle community.</p>
<p>Kim Piper</p>
<p><span>Software Applications Engineer<br />Software Services<br />DS Waters</span></p>

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Tired of producing useless setup documentation?

by bert.vandenbussche In reply to Tired of producing useles ...

<p>Thx for your feedback. Be awere that in the comming days we'll have a new version available for download. </p>

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