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Oracle or MCSE 2000

By Ver Holipaz ·
I would like your thoughts on this one. I'm interested in pursuing studies for career advancement but I need a little help. I'm stuck between Oracle and MCSE 2000. I am a little worried about MSCE 2000 with Microsoft's aggressive marketing of the XP. Will XP kill W2000?

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Which cert?

by raheesom In reply to Oracle or MCSE 2000

Will XP kill W2000? Probably not. If you're
OK pursuing MS products (I'm not OK with
that) then do the MCSE.

Myself? I'm a CNE, getting into UNIX/Linux
because I want to keep away from as much of
MS as possible, and I believe in the future
of Linux and that MS probably can't touch UNIX.

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Go for the Microsoft Cert

by robert.hart In reply to Oracle or MCSE 2000


I'm an Oracle DBA and I can safely say that you should go for the Microsoft certification. Oracle is a product based company not a development tool based one. They still have the largest market share on the back end but sales are slipping and quality is poor. Microsoft backend is growing and there is much more work out there then with Oracle stuff.

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Different Animals...

by Pandadude In reply to Oracle or MCSE 2000

Oracle or MCSE ? I don't see how or why you put these two together. They are ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY different things on totally different levels.
It's like some freshman trying to decide btw
majoring in med science or History.
Don't follow the buzz-words or $. Follow your heart.

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It depends on what you want

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Oracle or MCSE 2000

Here is how I view it:

ORACLE is is an application certification. If you are considering on becoming a Web Master,Web Developer, Database Administrator, Database Developer or Love to deal with DATA then this is good. ORACLE is a database application, you'll learn how to manage data and connected to servers or manage an ORACLE Server. SQL will come in place if you have an SQL Server to process your data and so for.

MCSE is a networking certification, if you like connecting computers together, taking them apart, troubleshooting them and learning the Operating Systems these is your certification. In other words if you want to be a Network Administrator, Security Administrator for Microsoft Products these will help you. Yes, you have to keep up with changes within Microsoft, meaning that in a few months you'll have to learn XP, but 2000 still essential considering that XP has not been tested thru enough and not everybody has migrated to 2000 yet.

Please keep in mind that no matter what certification you choose you'll always have to keep up with changes in technology. Meaning you get certified today, but must re-certified yourself later no matter what it is.

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trying to keep track of postings

by Kima In reply to It depends on what you wa ...

Sorry, I posted the message and it came out user deleted.. Need to keep track of them

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