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By shabz_7 ·
When i use the Oracle built-in function GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY within the sub-query of an sql statement i get an error which states "You may not use GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY function in SQL"...what can be the workaround for this problem?

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by Gary_W In reply to Oracle PL/SQL

Sounds like you're using forms. Since you did not post the sql statement, I don't know what you are trying to do. But since get_application_property() returns a string you must be building a message with your select.

If this is right, first call get_application_property and save the output into a variable. Then call your select statement. Like this:

ui varchar2(100) := get_application_property(user_interface);
msg varchar2(300);
select 'Date: '||sysdate || ' UI: ' || ui
into msg from dual;

message(msg, ACKNOWLEDGE);


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