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    Oracle Slow To Edit Records- Why


    by leehlc ·

    Have an oracle 8 database. In this example, 162 records. Can add a record, no problem- fast only takes seconds. To edit a record, it takes 4-5 minutes to bring up record and longer to save changes. Any suggestions on where to start looking. This is with DBA access.

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      Oracle Slow To Edit Records- Why

      by mallette ·

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      Adding a record typically uses the SQL INSERT command – with no WHERE clause. Bringing up a record uses SELECT typically with a WHERE clause. Same with saving changes – uses and UPDATE with a WHERE. Poorly written SQL can be the cause of between 60-80% of RDBMS performance problems. You may also want to look at the locks on a table when doing the UPDATE. There’s an excellent solution to SQL problems called LECCO SQL Expert, available for download at I’ve been using it for months and it’s excellent!

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