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Oracle tuning: Start by looking at the big picture

By Marcus Ferreira ·

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Steps in reversed order?

by Marcus Ferreira In reply to Oracle tuning: Start by l ...

Mr. Burleson

Although I agree with you on each topic mentioned (server, instance, object and SQL) I must point out that the Oracle documentation and the OCP Performance test strongly suggest a reversed other, i.e., more benefits are achieved with less intrusion when SQL tuning is made first and object, instance and server after.

What?s your opinion and experiende about it?

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Reversed steps?

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Steps in reversed order?

I agree that the steps may be at least partially reversed. You can throw all the processor power, faster drives and memory you want at the problem but if the queries are sloppy (recursive, etc.) you'll never speed it up much. We had this problem on Oracle 7, after fixing some poorly-written queries it ran a lot faster.

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Reversed steps?

by dba_guru In reply to Steps in reversed order?

Hi Marcus,

You make a good point, but it is my experience that SQL tuning will not always have the desired results if the init.ora parameters are not right. Also, improper setting in UNIX and bad table parameters will also effect SQL eecution time. Hence, I like to take care of these things before I tune the SQL

Don Burleson . . .

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Try VERITAS Database Edition for Oracle

by Emmett In reply to Oracle tuning: Start by l ...

The VERITAS Database Edition for Oracle will be very beneficial as measured by the performance enhancement of Quick I/O. The major components of the VERITAS Database Editions for Oracle is:
1. VXFS-VERITAS File System. A journaled file system thatenables your Oracle Database to read only the changed blocks. Literally takes FSCK's down from hours to minutes or seconds

2. VXVM- VERITAS Volume Manager. Hot relocates of volumes. eliminates the 7 partition **** requirements. Enhanced managability.

3. Quick I/O.-this will give you the performance of raw data and the managability of a file system. Bypasses the buffer and write directly to disk

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by vchauhan In reply to Oracle tuning: Start by l ...

Please correct the hyperlink to Fig. A.

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It's not "really" broken...

by Pandadude In reply to

You just gotta kind of go in and out of it.
I got it, same URL....weird though.

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