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Orchestration and Service Choreography = Cloud Iaas Setup?

By shivacse14 ·
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Is Orchestration and Choreography two components to configure Cloud Infrastructure, what else is needed for cloud infrastructure creation?
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Cloud infrastructure creation

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Orchestration and Service ...

The differences between cloud orchestration tools and cloud automation tools is that cloud automation is a task or function that is accomplished without any human intervention whereas cloud orchestration is the process of arranging and coordinating automated tasks, that ultimately results into an improved process or workflow.
Now for setting up a new environment for hosting a new application, IT teams require to orchestrate several automated tasks like to automate the addition of new instances during the time of the auto-scaling event with the help of auto-scaling groups, alarms, etc. The new configuration might also need an installation of automation tools, a configuration of the OS; etc. All of these functions are included under cloud automation processes.
Thus, the IT engineers need to complete a number of manual tasks to deliver the new environment, even when the environment based on cloud automation and this is where cloud orchestration is important.

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Cloud orchestration refers to the arrangement and coordination of automated tasks resulting in a consolidated process or workflow. Many IT operations organizations implement automation in an ad hoc, opportunistic fashion that yields islands of automation with low operational agility and high costs.

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