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Ordered Stacking Windows 7 Regedit?

By deztructi0n ·
Hello. I am curious as to if the following is possible with Windows 7, possibly with a reg-edit.

Basically I have a system where I have multiple internet windows open, set next to each other with no overlap, reloading each one every 5 seconds (automatically).

This works for me because I can see each window without distortion, and if it so happens that all the windows close, I can "Restore All Windows" and it will pop them all back up.

The issue is the fact that having the windows next to each other, limits the amount of space and the number of windows which can be open (24 per desktop in my case). Because I only need to see one number on each internet window, I would like to stack each window on top of each other in a certain order where only the number I need to see on each internet window is visible, allowing much more desktop real estate and the ability to add many more internet windows (Possibly 100+). The problem is that if I click on a certain internet window in the stack, it messes up the entire stack and once that window I clicked is on top, it covers some of the other numbers and I must re-order the stack of windows, which would take forever considering the number of windows open. Is there a way to set up a certain stack order in windows 7, so that when I use the "Show Windows Stacked" function [Go to task-bar, hold Shift and Right Click on your Internet Browser logo and you will see it] it resets the internet windows stack to the specific order I choose? If anymore needs additional information I will provide it ASAP and am willing to make a donation to those that lead me to a solution. Thank you!

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