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By nemnsc99 ·
In Outlook, we have an Org Email account setup. Whenever someone replys from the box it is saved in the replier's personel "sent items" which is normal. However, because of the way we work, we would like to have those replys from the Org Box be saved under the org boxes "sent items".

I am unable to come up with an answer for a way to do this. Do anyone know? I believe I could setup a "rule" for each person with access, but that would require a ton of work and I'm hoping to save some time.


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Use multiple profiles

by RechTepublic In reply to Org Email Box Sent Items

If I understand it correctly, a user opens their mailbox and the Org mailbox at the same time. When the user sends an email it goes to their Sent Items folder instead of the Org mailbox's Sent Items folder. When other users open the Org mailbox they cannot see everything that was sent by the Org account.

I have not been able to solve this problem and I also welcome any answers to this problem. In the meantime, I do have this workaround to offer:

Configure two Outlook profiles for the user. One for their mailbox and one for the Org mailbox. Then configure Outlook to prompt the user for the profile they want. When they open Outlook they will be asked if they want to use their mailbox profile or the Org mailbox profile. Now when they use the Org mailbox profile all sent items will be stored in its Sent Items folder where it can be checked by other users that access the Org mailbox.

Unfortunately, the user will have to exit Outlook and re-enter Outlook to change profiles but that is why this is called a workaround.

I hope this helps.

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by nemnsc99 In reply to Use multiple profiles

I like the work around you provided, however I would not be able to pull that off in our situation. See we are military, I have some control over our systems but not full. We would not be allowed to create two profiles for each person to use with the Org Box, so I would need something else.

Thank you though for the quick reply!

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by Rusty7 In reply to Thanks

I also work with him and another workaround would probably be needed as creating 2 profiles for 10 users probably isnt possible with our unique situation.

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It appears that your only other option is to use rules.

by RechTepublic In reply to Org Email Box Sent Items


Here is a post where someone is discussing a way to mass distribute rules:

The post makes sense but the possiblity of overwriting someone's existing rules could create a problem.

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by nemnsc99 In reply to It appears that your only ...

Rules do seem to work pretty well. I set this up on one of the accounts so far, to test it out and it's catching most of the email traffic so far. There is some getting by but not many. I have yet to try a mass distribute yet though, but I might if this works well over the next couple days.

Thanks again for all the help!

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