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By jc931r ·
Im new to the Network Administration environment. I seem to get overwhelmed with piles of papers that i have printed off from the internet, tons of cds, floppy disks, spare hardware, spare computers,magazines, catalogs........on and on. I have some ideas on how to get all of this stuff organized but it seems when i try and get a handle on all of this stuff i get to doing something else and either don't completely follow through whith the clean up effort or i do it half-a#@ed. So any suggestions on the organization part of administering an IT desk and work room would be great.


Joseph Christian

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It's more easy than you think

by tech07 In reply to Organazation

Try to organize the stuff in some categories:
PC troubleshooting and maintenance; Networking troubleshooting and maintenance; System administering - WinNT,9x,Novell,UNIX; Drivers and Utilities; HOT STUFF. Use this categories and i hope you will have not any problem with your IT desk and work room.

Anastas Gogov

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limit yourself to 2 choices.

by admin In reply to Organazation

1) File it immediately. If it is important enough to file, you will make time to make or find a folder for it. (Of course, first get a standard hanging folder file cabinet)

2) Throw it away. If it does not fit catagory 1, then throw it away.

If you are unsure, then it is probably catagory 2. If you need it again, you can find it again.

I know this sounds like a harsh system, but it is widely used, and will get you started on the best possible path for future advancement.

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