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Organize Manuals and Driver CDs

By Sferrero ·
How do you organize / file / keep track of all the different Hardware manuals and Driver CDs?

Do you use a file cabinet with a folder for each device/computer or do you put them all in one folder

Im just looking for some fresh perspective on this, I have alot of Driver CDs for various computers, and manuals with CDs for alot of different equipment that I need to organize somehow.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Organize Manuals and Driv ...

I use a folder for each mfr. Then I package each driver set/manual together in a plastic bag to keep track of them.

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by oldbag In reply to Organize Manuals and Driv ...

I keep a folder for each system. All the CD that come with a new PC gets put into that folder. That way, if I need to reload a system, I have everything in one place.

For misc software and applications, I keep them in labeled Cd cases.

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by B_Pope In reply to Organize Manuals and Driv ...

Since I build all my PC's, I keep the Motherboard boxs & store everything for each PC in their respective MB box.

With blank CD's being so cheap, I include a copy of the OS installed along with Ghost images I make on a regular basis. All the driver CD's & any new updated driver CD's I make & manuals are in the box. All parts relevent to each PC are also kept in the MB box.

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