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    os and application


    by samjkd ·

    Hai what language os is written? the application software is dependent on os? dows an os deals with the application software? what language the applications are written?
    5.what is the difference between an os and application software?

    There are many applications for windows and linux,but windows based applications will not run on linux and vice versa. for example adobe reader is present for both windows and linux, but windows bsaed adobe will not work on linux. so does it mean that applications are created according to os and it needs os support. what will be the difference between a windows based application and linux or any other os.if i want to create an word application on linux or windows then what should i do.

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      Reply To: os and application

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to os and application

      That’s a whole lot of questions you have and far to many to even begin answering here. Seems like you must have a test coming up or a report to write.

      Youu need to search and study the OS layers how they work and what an application does first. Then moce into learning the differences in the operating systems themselves.

      This is a pretty good intro and explanation of how it all works and the differences.

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