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OS boots very slowly...Need imeediate Help !!!

By kgs_03 ·

My systems config. : -
Mercury M/B, Pentium 4, 80 gb harddisk, 512 mb RAM,

My problem is that whenever I boot into a OS it takes a cosiderably long time to boot upto the desktop.
I have win2000 and Win XP installed.
when I boot with Win 2000 the system seems to get stuck at Windows 2000 welcome screen for about 40-50 seconds and then also gets stcuk at the place where you hit ctrl + alt + del to put your password and user id.

I have tried WIn XP too but that also gets stuck for a while.
One of my friend too has got same config system and his Os takes about 60-70 seconds to boot, but whereas mine takes 200-220 seconds.

I have made sure that unwanted processess and programs have been stopped while booting.

Enough harddisk space is provided.

Checked in BIOS for system start up to see if primary booting is from harddisk and nothing else.

Also made sure that nly a few basic applications only are installed.

I do keep track of Event manager to see if there is any errors that get while booting, but there is no errors there.

With all this steps I am still unable to find an answer to this problem of mine which has led me to go nuts #$#!%$&^%

Could any one of you please help me in getting this solved. Thank you in advance.


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by ReWrite In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

Is this pc on a network? It could be waiting/searching for the connection. Post back with more detail on system info.



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by frogmandan In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

You might want to do some housekeeping. I would first run Ad-Aware program and clean out the files. Then I would run the Spy-bot program. And maybe the Hijack this program. Then run the virus program. Clean out your cookies. Clean the temp IE files. Defrag your HD. Then if you have another computer I would map the drive and scan it for viruses. This is what I had to do on a friends machine due to the same issue. The result was when I mapped the drive the virus scanner picked up a virus that was not detected by the previous scans.
Hope this helps.

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by Jessie In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

Try disconnecting hardware devices, especially USB connected hardware, one device at a time and see if you still run into the issue. The Windows Splash screen is typically where all the hardware is loading and you may just have a piece of hardware that takes a while, or it may be fixed with an OS patch or bios upgrade.

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by kgs_03 In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

Thanks for all your help and suggestion guys!!

Let me inform you that i run spyware removing tool after the sytem has restarted (manually).
I make sure that ther is no spyware. I occationally run adaware spyware remover which cleans registry entries too.

Recently i had my entire harddisk scanned for viruses. about two days back. with latest definitions

I also have checked into the eventmanager and there were few error messages with regards to dhcp client runnig automatically and FTP services too. So i went ahead and have configured them to be manually so that they do not load while system is booting.

After this I have almost reinstaled my OS a couple of times (clean install).

And with regards to any USBs being connected to my system.....there is none for which I use the USB drives or ports.

My actual problem is that :- when I start my system i get this OS options to choose (as I have dual booting option) wherein I choose windows 2000...then it starts booting into the win2000. Now at the place where it displays the logo and welcome screen of Win2000 it seems to get stuck at his place for quite sometime (about 40-50 seconds). and then it also gets stuck at the th place where you hit control+alt+del to get the login window (gets stuck for aboput 30-35 seconds here before responding).

Yes I do have internet cable connection.

But please note that one of my friend too has got cable connection and when he boots it takes about 60-70 seconds to boot completely to the desktop.
But when it comes to my system it takes 200-250 seconds to boot.

Today I also tried chaging the RAM with a good working one and then booted but had the same issue.

I will be very much grateful to anybody solving this mysterious problem of mine.

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by shuja52 In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

Check Motherboard also

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by kgs_03 In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

and how would i check my motherboard to see if it working correctly. PLease let me know if there is any tool to check that.
and what is it that i need to check in it.

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by OTL In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

Your note that you have done a clean install strikes a nerve. Have you loaded all the patches for both systems ? By default both systems are set up to auto-update, if this is on could slow the boot process.

I normally boot to a network and connectivity to the DHCP server will slow the boot process dramatically (have seen it take up to 5 minutes to contact the server and allow the login screen to appear).

Ping your gateway to find out if connection to your ISP could be the problem. Can be found VIA a CMD window and "IPCONFIG" then "PING" default gateway.

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by BorgInva In reply to OS boots very slowly...Ne ...

If I had the web link I would give it, but search Google for a program called BootVis. Download it for whatever site is easiest for you. This program will tell you everything going on during the booting process. Just follow the direcitons to run it, let it reboot all the way for however long it wants to take, and when you enter back in Windows, check the log and you will see delayed or failed processors, from software to hardware (network, CMOS, etc).
I found this utility handy. Once I ad a PC delaying its boot into XP for a minute or 2. I ran this program and it showed me that it failed loading a network thing for 63s where it did not even have a network card. I found the item in win.ini and deleted it. BOOM! PC boots fast.
Hope this helps.

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