OS keeps reinstalling

By Tyharo ·
Recently i have gotten Virtual Box up and running Ubuntu, but I seam to have a problem with making fedora and PC BSD working.
I start a new VM as usual,I locate the .iso file, boot the os installer and install. Once its finish i restart the VM as instucted and once it reboots I'm back to the installer screen.
Why is it doing this and how would I go about fixing it?

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Well put simply you are doing something wrong

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to OS keeps reinstalling

List the steps that you are using attempting to load the Virtual OS.

If we don't know what you are doing exactly it's not possible to see where you are going wrong.

Of course there is always the Manual though.


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by Tyharo In reply to Well put simply you are d ...

-start a new vm
-name it and select operating system(BSD)
-select version (FreeBSD)
-select amount of ram to dedicate (2GB)
-create new hard disk with dynamically expanding storage
-select size of disk (11 GB)
-start VM
-Direct it to the .ISO file
-start the os
-select what to install (PC BSD)
-select VM partition
-enter user info
-select time zone
-wait for it to install but i have never seen the finish screen, it always restarts before i can

thats about it

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My bad

by Tyharo In reply to OS keeps reinstalling

I should have read more, it turns out that PC BRD is in beta and not compatable with virtual box as far as know.

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How about an older PC BSD?

by seanferd In reply to My bad

Or, tried FreeBSD?

Or, tried a pre-packaged VM image of some BSD distro?

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Free BSD

by Tyharo In reply to How about an older PC BSD ...

I have tried free BSD but it was a text based OS, while PCBSD was not.

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Several sugggestions

by dldorrance In reply to OS keeps reinstalling

First check out this link to see if you followed all the steps. This link is for an older version of VirtualBox and Fedora, but should work in a similar fashion . If memory serves correctly I had a similar problem with Fedora.

Second. There is another free virtualization solution you might want to try. It is VMware Player. Register with VMware here (they will email you periodically pitching products) . Then go to the download page and download the version for your primary OS (Windows as I recall). The interface is very similar to VirtualBox; it may run a bit faster.

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Disconnect ISO

by Bruce Epper In reply to OS keeps reinstalling

Are you disconnecting the ISO file before rebooting the VM? If not, it's gonna restart the installer (it thinks it's booting from a CD/DVD) unless the optical disk boot option is turned off (in which case you wouldn't be able to do the install in the first place).

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