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    OS Multiboot


    by raulmoisescsr ·

    I have three flavors of Windows on a 120GB master HD, I also got a 30GB slave HD, already partitioned in 3-10GB partitions, on which I’d like to install three flavors of Linux.
    What is your best answer to this multiboot configuration for a guy that’s new to the world of Linux?

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      by jaqui ·

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      what 3 distros are you concidering?
      for complete newbies to linux, xandros, red hat and mandrake have the simplest install.
      mandrake has a slightly better config with multiboot.

      you will have to rebuild hdb ( slave drive ) partitions as ms partitons are useless for linux.

      a good partiton structure, with lots of room for distro’s yet simple to work with:
      partition mount point size
      hdb1 / 5gigabytes
      ( root partition for first distro)
      hdb2 /home 4 gigabytes
      ( first distro user’s files )
      hdb3 swap double system ram
      ( uses this instead of pagefile. )
      hdb4 / 5gigabytes
      ( second distro )
      hdb5 /home 4 gigabytes
      hdb6 / 5 gigabytes
      hdb7 /home 4 gigabytes

      the partition numbers will be different.
      but that is the structure.
      the extra drive space can be allocated as:
      hdb8 /mnt/transfer rest of space
      this can be used to transfer files between distros without fighting with different config files for each distro.

      the menuing system with each distro uses customised icons, so multiple ditros using same home directory will create conflicts with the look.

      filesystem types. there are a number of options to be concidered.
      ext3 and reiserfs are journalised, fast, and stable.

      for the transfer partiton, use fat32, then you can downoad in linux, and access in windows, without a virus running before scanning the file.
      I personally use ext2fs in my filesystems.
      doesn’t have the journalised features, but it’s the old, tried and true file system

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        Reply To: OS Multiboot

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to Reply To: OS Multiboot

        best to install red hat, then xandros then mandrake
        use red hat’s installer to define the partitons.
        only define mount points for partitions you want to share access across the distros.
        ( mdk-home for mandrake’s home directory… in red hat or xandros )
        linux doesn’t require all partitions be given mount points for each distro.

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      by ·

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      I think you try to install GRUB. It’s a power full MultiBoot Loader.

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      Reply To: OS Multiboot

      by camalfa ·

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      it depend, linux can get all the partition from your hard drive and install it on a linux loader ( lilo) or grub loader.

      the best thing i used is XOSL it install itself to the mbr and it will take all your partition and make a menu out of it.

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