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    OS reinstall questions


    by imamember ·

    I’m planning to redo my HDD and have a few questions about reinstalling XP:
    Once I complete the primary install process from my “Setup Disks” my system will have XP Home and most of my applications installed … at this point I usually start “updating” things and would download/install SP1, etc. until I’ve updated the system to SP2.

    I have SP2 on CD … does that CD also contain all the updates that were part of SP1 (and everything in between?)

    Do I need the updates from SP1 or can I go right to SP2?

    Is it possible to get SP1 on CD?

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      SP2 is cumulative

      by caestelle ·

      In reply to OS reinstall questions

      Windows XP SP2 is cumulative…. meaning all of the “updates” that are in SP1 are also in SP2. So, YES you can go right to SP2 and bypass SP1.

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      True ?

      by bhunsinger ·

      In reply to OS reinstall questions

      I’ve done it a number of times now by using Windows update, It alsways gives me 18 or so critical updates with install and reboot before giving me SP2. SP1 is NOT necessary thought

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      SP1a still available on CD,

      by deepsand ·

      In reply to OS reinstall questions

      but it’s not free. The price is $9.9r US, or $14.95 Canadien.

      You can order it online at

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      by imamember ·

      In reply to OS reinstall questions

      Thanks to all who responded, your help is much appreciated.

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        Good luck.

        by deepsand ·

        In reply to Thanks!

        Just make sure that you’re able to drop back to SP1 quickly & easily in case SP2 breaks any of your apps..

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