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OS Security and crashes

By tsecret ·
I feel that in 2005 it is unacceptable for an OS to crash. Anyone familiar with i5/OS will tell you that it just doesn't happen. The OS should be responsible for the system stability not a user or even an application.
Our company is just releasing an enterprise Biometric security authentication system based on the i5 operating system. Not only does it offer unmatched security to all platforms but is runs like a bandit, is rock solid and never requires more than one system even for millions of transactions.

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by apotheon In reply to OS Security and crashes

I agree: OS stability should not be dependent upon userland software. That's why I favor unices over Windows OSes: any additional software beyond the core OS operates separately from the OS itself, providing far greater core system stability. If an application crashes, it's not going to take down the whole machine the way it does with over-integrate, non-orthogonal systems like Windows or classic MacOS (thank goodness for MacOS X).

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