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OS Will Not Load

By Shanghai Sam ·
Loading Windows 98 SE on IBM clone,(New Old Parts)
CPU PII 400MHz, RAM 256 MB SDRAM, PCI Bus100, HDD SAMSUNG 6.91GB, AGP PRO 8MB SDRAM, Sound, 6 channel PCI, Motherboard SUPER6SBU.
When loading OS onto newly partition and formated HDD, system locks up at one or the other screens with a progress bar. Not always the same screen nor the same place on the bar.
No conflicts found. Post pro is negative as is a scan with Micro-Scope. No error messages. Help.

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OS Will Not Load

by pep-inc In reply to OS Will Not Load

Sorry this has already been ask and answer by me.
Please excuse the error. PEP

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OS Will Not Load

by qballrail In reply to OS Will Not Load

From your profile, you can withdraw your question.

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OS Will Not Load

by TheChas In reply to OS Will Not Load

My best suggestion is to try some different RAM modules.

Not all SDRAM modules function in all motherboards!

Even though it POSTS, I have experianced RAM compatability problems that show up as lockups when installing or starting up Windows.Some of the lowest priced RAM has had disclaimers posted that the DIMMs are only guaranteed to work with the newest chipset motherboards!

I keep an older double-sided 128MB SDRAM module on hand as a "reference" DIMM.
If the system works with this DIMM, I know I have a memory compatability issue.
If it doesn't work, then I know to look for something else.

Another good possability, is a BIOS update from the motherboard mfg.


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OS Will Not Load

by TimTheToolMan In reply to OS Will Not Load


I once had a similar problem to yours where my CD drive was basically broken. It would read some information (to begin the installation) but then for whatever reason would stop reading during the file copies. A different CD drive fixed it forme.

If you had this problem, then I expect your CD light may go "permanently on" during the problem reads like mine did.


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OS Will Not Load

by F-Baer In reply to OS Will Not Load

try to take out all cards and ram you don?t need, load bios safe-dafaults, check cable etc..

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