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    OS won’t boot.


    by courtneycorpse ·

    I was attempting to fix an old computer for a friend, i figured that it was just loaded with spyware/viruses and i could wipe it and re-load the OS. No windows, or live os will load onto it, XP runs and acts like it’s going to work, and then when i reboot the computer it goes through the main screen, and reboots. Same with Vista. It still has a partition on it, which i assume is XP, and it won’t let me delete it. I tried to run Slackware on the computer, and after the kernel uncompresses it reboots, same with knoppix. I thought maybe the power supply needed replaced, but i don’t want to do that for nothing.

    Any ideas?

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      by courtneycorpse ·

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      Have you cleaned it internally?

      by older mycroft ·

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      As it is an old computer, maybe it is full of dust and dirt.

      Check the heatsink and the cooling fans.

      It could be rebooting because it is overheating.

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        by courtneycorpse ·

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        i cleaned it out, and while it was a dust pit in there, it was still doing the same thing. But i tried it a bit later, and now the internal fan isn’t spinning only the lights to show that the tower is on are working.

        So i’m thinking it needs a new power supply, but i want to be sure, could that be it?

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