OS XP not recognizing hard drive

By foreking ·
I just installed a new IDE hard drive and the OS install disk is not recognizing any drive. Is there a way to troubleshoot this.

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more info needed

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to OS XP not recognizing har ...

How old is the computer? How big is the hard drive? Some older motherboards won't recognize larger hard drives.

Have you been into the BIOS to see if the hard drive is detected in there?

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format and give drive letter from computer management

by himanshumogal143 In reply to more info needed

check the bios first and then check under computer management whether the drive is detected as RAW, if it is there format it and give it a drive letter.
good luck

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As others have said look in the BIOS and make sure

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to OS XP not recognizing har ...

That both drives appear there. If they don't pull out the new drive and check the Jumper on it and make sure that it is set to Slave or Cable Select depending on the IDE Lead and your M'Board whichever is required.

If both HDD's are set to Master and on the same IDE Lead neither will be visible to the computer. Also if you have an older computer/M'Board the BIOS may not recognise bigger drives.

To provide more information it's best to provide as much detail as possible so that we can correctly answer your question rather than give general information and hope for the best.


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Check cable connections first.

by Photogenic Memory In reply to OS XP not recognizing har ...

Start simple. Is the molex connector(power cable) plugged into the drive? Is the IDE cable damaged? If so then replace it. Also is the IDE cable(flat or round) plugged into the drive nice and snug? If so, when you turn the power on; does the drive sound like it reves up and down? If not then try another molex connector if you have a spare. Also does it register on the black boot screen in POST? Does it register in BIOS? Check these basic things. Remember to turn off the power supply and unplug the power cable before diving into the case.

*Special note*:

Don't forget to ground yourself with a ESD leash or you can place your hand on the power supply occasionally while checking inside the unit. This is to prevent ESD on sensitive components. Good luck.

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Checking connections continued

by john.a.sahl In reply to Check cable connections f ...

Also make sure that the jumper pin on th drive matches the connector you are plugging in. If this is a primary drive, make sure the jumper is set to master & the middle connector is plugged in to the drive. If it's a second drive on the same controller, make sure the pin is set to slave & the end connector is used.

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Re:OS XP not recognizing hard drive

by waynerad2000 In reply to OS XP not recognizing har ...

Well, first of all, is it picking the up the drive in the bios/cmos? if not that would be the problem. If you already have a drive installed and are installing the new one and now neither of them are recognised, the problem the lies with the new drive you installed, check the jumper settings on the drive and make sure that if they are on the same ide channel they aren't both master or both slave. make sure your main drive is master.

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by naveen_joshi2007 In reply to OS XP not recognizing har ...

please check out that the jumper position is proper. and check the bios settings also. and this problem might be because of cable select option.

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your prob

by jeffwalker9999 In reply to OS XP not recognizing har ...

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good luck

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