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OSI Model

By rana573 ·
what is the purpose of OSI refrence model, or in other words "what is the benifit of the OSI 7 layer model

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by dmiles In reply to OSI Model

The OSI model is simply a reference model created by the ISO for the exchange of data between different systems. Example. CTOS protocols conforming to the OSI model are compatible with MAC protocols conforming to the OSI model (Ethertalk). This means that data will be able to be passed between the two computers while each computer retains their unique operating system characteristics. You may have heard companies bragging about their "Open Systems". This is what it's all about.

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by voldar In reply to OSI Model

OSI = Open system Intercommunication
As I know, OSI defines what tasks have to be accomplished and what protocols will be used for each of the tasks at each of the 7 layers of the model:
7.Application level
6.Presentation level
5.Session level
4.Transport level
3.Network level
2.Data link level
1.Physical level

The 7th level - Application - is the last on the OSI model, and it provides services applied directly to the user's applications, such as data bases, e-mail, file transfers. It also allows applications to communicate with applications from other computers, acting in such way that those applications seam to be on the same computer.
That's in short words the answer for your question.

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by rana573 In reply to

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by rana573 In reply to OSI Model

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