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OSI Model

By Goober1988 ·
I am just learning about the OSI model and am having a hard time getting things straight and keeping them that way. It keeps getting confusing and I have to know it inside out backwards and upside down if you catch my drift. Any tips that can help?

I will start getting one thing and then the book says something to contradict itself in a way. Its confusing.

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Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away!

by DMambo In reply to OSI Model

Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application.

That little acronym always helped me. There are others, too. If you google OSI model, you'll find oodles of references.

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For some reason, I remembered it better top down

by Forum Surfer In reply to Please Do Not Throw Sausa ...

All People Seem To Need Domino?s Pizza

Data Link

Just made better sense to me. Then again, I'm kind of weird.


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Whatever, man

by DMambo In reply to For some reason, I rememb ...

As long as there's pizza in there somewhere :)

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Actually just had pizza....

by Forum Surfer In reply to Whatever, man

Could have used a beer, too...but I had to come back to work.


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Welcome to networking

by Forum Surfer In reply to OSI Model

I will start getting one thing and then the book says something to contradict itself in a way. Its confusing.

That's the way it is, my friend. I just read a very in-depth cisco document on their latest IOS release's command reference guide for a particular product. After reading and re-reading a few sections to make sure I had a handle on what I was trying to grasp...I noticed this blurb:

"...not all features may work as documented..."

This is why I have a test lab setup in my office, if you don't test prior to deployment you end up screwing the pooch royally.

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Why OSI model is confusing me

by Goober1988 In reply to Welcome to networking

Well in the book it gets into the OSI model and then is says that it is generalized and sometimes an imperfect representation of network communication. In some cases network functions can be associated with more than one layer of the model and in others network operations do not require services from every layer. So its a representation of what happens between two nodes communicating on a network that is not always how the nodes are communicating in some cases.

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It all depends on...

by NickNielsen In reply to Why OSI model is confusin ...

...what nodes are communicating and the data being communicated.

Your browser communicates with a web server at the application layer, but a router communicates with another router at the network or data link layers.

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